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JM -- Consumer Employer

Having a health aid for me means a lot. First, there are things I cannot do for myself, such as changing sheets, doing laundry, and in the winter I can’t get to the stores to pick up food and other things needed to make my life easier. Plus, it’s having someone to talk to when your friend and family don’t get over to see you.

My aid and I have become very close, so you see it brings a lot of meaning to my life.

If you need help, PPA is the place to call.

Thanks for listening,


KM -- Personal Assistant

To me, PPA means Provide, Protect and Assure. Provide the best care and services that I can to the disabled consumer; Protect them as if they were one of my own loved ones; Assure them that I will do the very best I can in assisting them with their daily living in every way possible as a PPA representative, and an advocate on behalf of he/she. I will respect the consumer at all times and let them have all the independence that they can bear.

MS -- Consumer Employer

Indra and Rudi are some of the best PAs that I’ve ever had. Their strong work ethics, morals and high standards help take my independence to a whole new level. They enjoy and take pride in their work. It is a bonus that we all get along and connect on an intellectual and friendship level. You get out of an agency what you put into it. I have a great level of trust and comfort in PPA.