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Here are some terms and definitions that may be helpful:


Ability to walk

Bed bath

Using a washcloth and a basin of water to clean someone in a bed

Bed sore

Also known as a skin ulcer is an open sore on the outside or inside of the body caused by a break in the skin which fails to heal

Bowel program

a program to aid an individual to eliminate fecal matter

Community Based Care

Assistive services provided to an individual in the home/community of their choosing

Consumer --- (Consumer Partner)

The person receiving assistance

CP --- (Cerebral Palsy)

A condition marked by impaired muscle coorodination typically caused by damage to the brain before or during childbirth

Hoyer lift

Equipment used by an assistant to help transfer a person

Job description of a person's assistance needs

A written and detailed account of the assistance one requires and/or desires

Lift/Ramp equipped van

A van with a lift/ramp installed to accommodate a person using a wheelchair

Lock downs

Security devices to hold a wheelchair firmly in a vehicle when driving

MD --- (Muscular Dystrophy)

A condition marked by progressive weakening and declining use of the muscles

MS --- (Multiple Sclerosis)

Neurological disability affecting the Central Nervous System

PA --- (Personal Assistant)

The person providing assistance


Loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or all of the body


Paralysis of the lower body and legs

PCP --- (Person Centered Planning)

Having the consumer take an integral role in their future goals and plans in their life. The consumer will also invite others who can provide ideas and contacts which will support them in achieving those goals and plans.

Power chair

A motorized/electric wheelchair


Paralysis of (or seriously affecting) all four limbs of the body

Ramp equipped van

A van with a ramp installed to accommodate a person using a wheelchair

Respite care giver

A substitute caregiver providing relief for a primary caregiver

ROM --- (Range of Motion)

Exercises (often passive/performed with the help of another) to help maintain the fullest possible extension of the muscles.

SCI --- (Spinal Chord Injury)

Spinal Chord Injury resulting in paralysis

SMA --- (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a progressive neuromuscular condition

Sponge bath

A cleaning outside of a tub


Assisting a person to move from one location to another