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Anonymous Reporting

Partners in Personal Assistance takes its policies and ethics very seriously, striving to provide quality work beyond the requirements of the law. If anyone has a complaint, she or he may contact PPA's Special Projects Manager, who is our Corporate Compliance Officer.

PPA's policies and Code of Ethics encourage anyone who knows of a violation of the law, PPA's contracts, or its policies, to make a complaint without repercussions. The Corporate Compliance Officer will keep all complaints confidential and will not reveal who made the complaint. There is no special form to complete. You only need to put the complaint in writing or via e-mail to Anyone may file a complaint anonymously using the submission below. The Corporate Compliance Officer must complete the investigation within 45 business days.

If the complaint involves abuse, neglect or a violation of the rights of a Consumer Partners, the CCO must report this to the relevant government agencies, such as the Washtenaw Community Health Organization and Washtenaw Department of Human Services. In addition, you can elect to anonymously report abuse and neglect to Michigan's Protective Services 24-hour hotline at 855-444-3911.

To File an Anonymous Report


If other, please specify:

Please describe in as much detail as possible the problem. It if involves a Consumer Partner, please give her or his name. If it is a complaint about a specific employee, please give her or his name: